Tips For Your First Journey Driving Alone

It is true that the real test when it comes to driving doesn’t start until you are faced with the task of driving independently and without the reassurance of your instructor sitting next to you. Many newly passed drivers feel incredibly nervous when they have to make their first journey driving alone; however, many top…

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Basic car maintenance you should know and understand

After passing your test one of the first things you will do is go out and look for a car, there is nothing better than the excitement of buying your first car. However, as a new car owner, there is a few basic car maintenance tips you need to do to your car to ensure…

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Tips For Driving In Different Weather Conditions

On average, it takes around 30-40 driving lessons for a learner to pass their practical test, which depending on how many hours of lessons a week you do, is anywhere from three to seven months of learning. During these months, it is likely that you would have experienced little concerning taking on driving in different…

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