Understanding the Costs of Learning to Drive Part 1

Learning to drive isn’t cheap, and it cannot be done quickly. For those of you, that’s not what you want to hear – but its the truth.

If you want to understand the costs of learning to drive, then you’re going to love this post. We detail every expense that you need to consider when you start learning to drive.

Understand the Cost of Learning to Drive

Before you start learning to drive, it’s a good idea (and heavily advised) that you look into the individual costs that surround driving lessons and tuition.

Here’s a quick look at what costs you need to consider:

  • Cost of Driving Lessons
  • Provisional Driving License
  • Theory Test

The Cost of Driving Lessons in the UK

The cost of driving lessons depends on your location, such as the city, town or village you live in. Naturally, lesson costs will fluctuate, be high in some locations, and cheaper in others.

For example, driving lessons in Milton Keynes with Drive247 MK costs £25.50 for a non-student. However, in other locations such as Norfolk, where driving schools offer driving lessons in Norwich cost £24.00 for a non-student.

The DVSA recommends that new drivers take 45 hours of professional driver training with a qualified driving instructor. If you take the costs that we have mentioned, those students in Milton Keynes alone will spend as much as £1147.50 on lessons.

The DVSA also suggests that after 45 hours of training, pupils will be at a test standard.

Provisional Driving License

To start learning to drive, you will need a provisional driving license.

Without a provisional license, you’re unable to start taking driving lessons. If you’re unsure of how to order a license – you can order and pay for one online here.

The cost of a provisional license is £43 when you apply by post.

Booking a Theory Test

Before you can take your practical driving test, you will need to pass a theory exam. There are two main sections, general theory multiple choice and hazard perception.

The theory test is currently priced at £23.00.

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