Basic car maintenance you should know and understand

After passing your test one of the first things you will do is go out and look for a car, there is nothing better than the excitement of buying your first car. However, as a new car owner, there is a few basic car maintenance tips you need to do to your car to ensure…

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How To Avoid Failing Your Driving Test

No matter how much of a confident driver you are while taking lessons, there is always going to be the niggling ‘what if’ thought in your head regarding what happens if you fail. Taking your practical test can be incredibly nerve-wracking, which is often one of the leading causes of avoidable mistakes. Nerves and stress…

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Tips For Driving In Different Weather Conditions

On average, it takes around 30-40 driving lessons for a learner to pass their practical test, which depending on how many hours of lessons a week you do, is anywhere from three to seven months of learning. During these months, it is likely that you would have experienced little concerning taking on driving in different…

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Should I Book Manual Or Automatic Driving Lessons?

When considering starting driving lessons, the first and foremost factor you must decide is whether you want to opt for manual or automatic driving lessons. Each learner is different and what works for one, may not for the other, so it is always recommended to start with doing some research into the benefits and drawback…

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Understanding the Costs of Learning to Drive Part 2

If you’re reading this post, then chances are you’ve already read through part one of our “costs of learning to drive” series. In this post we will look to go through the remaining costs that surround learning to drive with a local driving instructor. But first, let’s quickly cover everything from the previous post. In…

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Intensive Driving Courses

Fortunately, Drive247 MK has become an established driving school in Milton Keynes and has been providing semi and fully intensive driving courses in MK and the surrounding areas for a number of years. However, many new drivers are not aware of intensive driving courses and how they work. So why not let us explain a…

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